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April 23

Between 10:00am and 10:30am on Saturday April 22, the Ontario Off Road Racing Association website at www.ooraonline.com was hacked. After spending almost 8 hours trying to repair the site...well, I have to admit, some of that time was spent just staring at the screen...anyways, the little bastard that done this has done it in a way that it would take days and days to repair. I have given up. The gallery has been saved at http://www.ooraonline.com/coppermine/ but I will start working on the new site. I was planning on doing a major revamp anyways....Keep on trying and I will hopefully have the new site up soon. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me at wes.kibble@rogers.com

October 5

Make sure to check out the Kamloops, BC Off Road Racing website and message board at www.korrbc.ca and the Port Alberni (on Vancouver Island) at www.islandoffroadracing.ca


August 10

This has been quite the summer ! Between my day job and my new company, 2 Fat Bastards Clothing, I have have not had time or money to give Off Road Action the proper attention it deserves after the big hack. So after much deliberation, I have decided to pull the plug on Off Road Action for a while. At least until I get the company website and the company itself working properly. I may decide to reinstate the site over the winter when I have time....we will have to see. I am looking into free message boards that are hosted on a main site so that we can keep the comunication lines open. In the mean time, www.offroadaction.ca will be directed to the new 2 Fat Bastards Clothing site once it is finished.

I want to thank each and every one of you for your patronage over the last 4 years...you have all become a part of my extended family. For the Ontario people, you made the move away from my family and friends a lot easier. Some of you have become my best friends and my "Ontario Family". To the folks out west, you also have made living away from my family and friends a lot easier by keeping me informed of what is going on in the Western Canada off road racing world. Some of you I have known since we were kids and we will continue to remain good friends for years, even if there was no off road racing in Canada. Some of you I met through the website and I know that we will always have a friendship. By all means, feel free to contact me anytime at wes.kibble@rogers.com or 416-241-5542.

Once again, pop onto the Off Road Action site every once in a while...you never know what you may find. Perhaps there will be the perfect shirt for you...or better yet, maybe Canada's Largest Off Road Racing Site will become live again!

Once again, thank you for the memories and the friendships!

Wes Kibble




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